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USA Mohair Roving ~ White

USA Mohair Roving ~ White

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Knotty Forest's Domestic USA Yearling Mohair Goat Top Luxury Roving in a Lovely, Natural Snowy White Color. This is Pure silken Angel's Hair for your next Fiber Ideal for Spinning, Doll Making, Fly Tying & Fiber Crafts!
What a Treat! This gorgeous Mohair is from the USA and is the most lustrous, shiny fiber around. Any Angel would agree...
This is the closest to Angel Hair we have here on Earth!
Did you know that adding mohair to a wool blend gives it superb strength and wear-ability and is a fantastic alternative to adding synthetic nylon?
Use Knotty Forest Yarn's Luxurious Mohair Goat Fiber Roving For...
Use USA Mohair Goat Luxury Fiber Roving For...
Hand & Wheel Spinning
As doll's hair
For tying Flies
Blending into Your Own Artful Batts
Natural or Acid Dyeing... Takes Dyes Gorgeously!
Plus any artful fiber project that would benefit from a touch of silken loveliness!
Natural Dyeing
Finest Hand or Wheel Spun Yarns
Blending into Artful Batts
...And tons of other Fiber Arts, Mixed Media & Crafts Projects!

About Knotty Forest Yarn's USA Domestic White Mohair Roving...

* Knotty Forest's own Natural Domestic USA Sourced Yearling Mohair Top Roving has a wonderfully long 3-5" staple length
* NO DYES! ~ Natural, unbleached, undyed Graded A+ Natural Snowy White color, Super CLEAN and Virtually VM free!
* Contains 100% American USA Domestically Sourced Mohair fiber that has been born and raised on Small, Family Owned Sheep Farms, and has been Processed in the USA!
~ American made start to finish! ~

 "Keepin' It Sweet, Simple & Cozy...
'Cause Life Needs More of That!"
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