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Targee Merino Blend Wool Roving ~ Cream

Targee Merino Blend Wool Roving ~ Cream

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Knotty Forest Yarn's 100% Natural, 100% USA Sourced Targee Merino Wool Blend Roving Fiber
in it's Natural Buttery Cream Color! This Combination of Fine Wool is Ideal for Spinning, Doll Making, Felting & All Kinds of Fiber Crafts!
My USA Targee and Merino Wool Blend Roving combines the luxuriousness of Merino with Targee, a wool often compared to Merino, but with an extra dose of Resiliency, Strength and Long Lasting Durability!.. Oh, did I mention that it felts superbly too!

THIS is the blend you've been looking for if you want Luxurious Softness, a high Squooshy Cozy Factor, and Fantastic Wearability and Durability...
What More Could We Ask for in a Wool?
Use Knotty Forest Yarn's Targee Merino Wool Blend Roving For...
All Kinds of Felted Projects!
Dolls & Waldorf
Faux Dreads & Locks
Doll Hair
Finger & Arm Knitting
Natural Over-Dyeing
Hand or Wheel Spun Yarn
Any Luxury Wool Application
Blending into Artful Batts
Mixed Media Arts
And tons of other Fiber Arts, Mixed Media & Crafts Projects!

About Knotty Forest Yarn's Targee Merino Wool Blend Roving...
* Knotty Forest Yarn's own 100% USA domestically American sourced Targee is Blended with Merino wool into an easy to use roving preparation.
* High Quality 21.5 micron with a nice long 2-4" staple length makes it a Luxury Quality, Fine Wool Blend Suitable for So Many Purposes
* NO DYES! ~ Natural, unbleached, undyed buttery cream color ~ Quite CLEAN with scant VM!
* Contains 100% USA Domestic American Wool Sourced from Small, Family Owned Sheep Farms that has been Cleaned, Prepared and Processed in the USA!... American Made start to finish!

 "Keepin' It Sweet, Simple & Cozy...
'Cause Life Needs More of That!"
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