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Silver Birch ~ Fluff

Silver Birch ~ Fluff

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Silver Birch is a Gentle Gray Grey, Beige, Brown Tonal... Just Like Birch Bark!

Fluff Lace is Light as air Kid Goat Halo Softness meets Silken downy Sheen!

Yarn Facts:
* Fluff is a Luxury Single Ply 72% Kid Mohair Blended with 28% Sumptuous Pure Silk Yarn Professionally Hand Dyed in House with Colorfast Dyes
* #0 Lace Weight
* Single Ply Construction
* A 50gr skein with 459 yards

Love it but don't usually use lace weight yarns? Check this out!
Fluff is absolutely delightful used as a carry-a-long yarn to add subtle color tone and a gentle floofy fluffiness and angelic halo to any knitting or crochet project!

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