Collection: Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

About Mountain Meadow Wool Mill... 

100% American Grown & Made in Wyoming
Created with Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Operations, and Fair Prices for our Ranchers

~ From Ranch to Home ~ Legacy Fleece ~Made in the USA ~

 Our Mountain Merino® is next-to-skin soft. Our signature Mountain Merino® wool fibers are carefully selected from premium USA ranches ensuring quality and softness. All of the wool we use meets strict guidelines for the fine-micron (diameter) count which provides that next-to-skin softness and durability. We blend premium Merino, Rambouillet, Targhee and Cormo wool to create our Mountain Merino® Wool.

Mountain Meadow is a spinning mill set below the Big Horn Mountains on the Western Plains of Wyoming. It is a family operated mill, owned by Karen Hostetler and her son, Ben, and dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture in the American West.

Mountain Meadow is committed to revitalizing the American wool industry through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers.

Over 100 years ago Basque sheepherders arrived from Spain and France to settle in the Great Plains of the West. Wyoming was one of the central locations where small ranches started in the late 1800’s. Unfortunately, in the last 20 years a decrease in wool prices has forced many of these historic ranches to shut down.

Concerned with the loss of this way of life, in 2002, Karen Hostetler and her business partner embarked on a journey to preserve and sustain the ranches of the Great American West. In 2007, Mountain Meadow Wool Mill opened their doors as a full service mill that offered premium prices for wool from local ranches.

Today, Our signature Mountain Merino® wools provide unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. From farm to fashion, We work with wool producers via hand-shakes, not contracts where each product is traceable to the ranch of origin.

Yes! Each skein of yarn is marked with the ranch its wool came from!
This yarn creates American jobs and sustains our local economies through 100% USA made wool products!