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Frau Holda of Germanic and Scandinavian Fairy Tale fame, is nothing if not a traditional, no non-sense Lady!
She was the ultimate Domestic Goddess, Queen of the House & Hearth, Caretaker of Children, and Spinner of Great Renown.
This is a Lady who knew her way around Natural Fibers... She would Love this Sock yarn!
Sturdy and Soft, but not too soft so as to be unusable for a pair of warm socks, with lots of squishiness, or as we now would call it "hand", for a good scarf or shawl to keep you comfy on cold winter's days. This yarn is well named in Her Honor!
Whether you are stitching in front of an ancient cottage's cracking hearth fire, or just in front of the TV, I know you'll love this yarn!

About Knotty Forest Yarn's Holda's Sock Weight Yarn...
* 4 Sturdy Plies of Mulesing Free 100% Non-Superwash, Mulesing Free Merino Wool
* A #1 Sock, SuperFine, Shawl Weight Yarn
* 100gr skein with 430 yards
* Hand dyed with Love and color-fast acid dyes
* Care: Because this is a 100% Natural, pure non-superwash wool yarn, I recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry
~ American Hand Dyed in the USA ~

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