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Demeter is fit for a Goddess... An Earth Goddess that is!
It is Mother Earth Friendly Organic Merino Wool with a touch of our special biodegradable nylon for added strength.
I call it Demeter, after the Greek Goddess of Earth and All Growing Things. And just like this quintessential Earth Mother, Demeter is Soft, yet Strong; Beautiful yet Conscientious... read: Mindful!... and utterly perfectly suited for anyone who loves crafting AND beautiful planet home!

About Knotty Forest Yarn's Demeter Sock Fingering Weight Yarn...
* A #1 Super Fine, Sock, Shawl or Fingering Weight Yarn
* 100gr skein with 437 yards
*Four Plies of Mulesing Free 75% NON-SuperWash Finest Organic Merino Wool blended with 25% Special Biodegradable Nylon
* Hand dyed with Love & color-fast acid dyes
* Care: Because this is a 100% Natural, pure non-superwash wool yarn, I recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry
~ American Hand Dyed in the USA ~

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