Collection: Country Mile ~ Bulky


Country Mile Bulky weight yarn is a Strong, Fat & Dependable do anything, go anywhere gourmet fiber Yarn that is indie hand dyed in-house by Christina right here at Knotty Forest Yarn!

Yarn Facts:
About Knotty Forest Yarn's Country Mile Bulky Yarn Base:
* 100% SW Superwash Gourmet Fiber Merino Wool
* #5 Bulky Craft Weight
* 3 ply
* 100gr skein with 106 yards
* Hand or machine wash on Gentlest cycle: Lay flat to dry
Note: I Carry Country Mile Yarn in SockDKWorsted and Bulky Weights Too!
Same Great Yarn that you Know and Love in all weights so you always know what to expect form your yarn!