Collection: Cody Sport

About Mountain Meadow Wool Mill's Cody Sport Weight Yarn... 
Yarn You Can Feel Good About!... Cody is a lovely, 2 ply Mountain Merino® sport-weight yarn with fantastic bounce and spring.
 It is next to skin soft, durable, warm and beautiful!
Cody is 100% American Bred, Born, Raised, Shorn and Spun, Creating Jobs and Preserving a very Important part of our Country's history!... You can read more about the good folks at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill and their story to preserve an American way of life here.
* 2 Plies of 100% American sourced Mountain Merino® Rambouillet Wool
* #2 Fine, also known as Sport, Light DK or Baby Weight
* A 2 ounce ( 56 grams ) skein with 185 yards
* Gauge: Approximately 12 wraps per inch WPI and 5.75-6.5 stitches per inch using a US size 3-5 knitting needle
 * Yarn Care: Hand wash by soaking in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
Let the fabric soak for 15 min, gently squeeze out excess moisture.
Roll fabric between clean dry towels to remove moisture.
Lay flat and shape to air dry.
 Note: This is artisan dyed yarn. As with any hand made fiber product such as this, it always advisable to alternate dyed skeins while knitting to distribute the color evenly.
Imagine "Buffalo Bill" Cody wearing this wool to keep warm in the rugged Wyoming winters and the delicate hands of his lady knitting a new shawl on her way to meet him while traveling the long and bumpy stagecoach line with the very self-same yarn. This yarn is also wonderful for colorwork in your knitting project.
Cody is available in undyed natural colors as well beautiful, nature inspired, artisan dyed colors!

Each skein of Cody is traceable to the ranch of origin.

Yes! Each skein of yarn is marked with the ranch from which its wool has come!
This yarn creates American jobs and sustains our local economies through 100% USA made wool products!