I'll Let You In On A Brownie Secret!

I'll Let You In On A Brownie Secret!

 I confess, I am a Brownie snob!

 I am very particular about what makes a good Brownie, and have long been in search of a decent... Let's just not discus the box mixes, shall we... recipe that I can make at home. 

 One day, I came across this recipe promising Brownie nirvana with just 3 ingredients.

"Yeah, Sure!", thought I, but was admittedly intrigued enough to give it a try... After all, even subpar Brownies are edible... in a pinch!

I'm telling you, This is some kind of Brownie Sorcery! It's just something you have to try for yourself to believe!

 So, without further ado, get out that sad old jar of Nutella (or my favorite, the kind you get at Lidl with the pieces of nut in it!), and get baking!

THE Nutella Brownie recipe by Spaceships & Laser beams


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